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. 2. . If anyone could post a link up to that story I. What is an example of amendments An addition to andor alteration to the Constitution. If there is no probable cause and you are searched illegally, any evidence collected from the search will be excluded. On the other hand, the police need cause to stop people, and they need a warrant to enter private places like private homes. We need to know not only as citizens, but also as people, what really is going on around the. This right limits the power of the police to seize and.
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Answer (1 of 2) A law that makes a religion the federal religion violates the first amendment A law that outlaws a practice prohibited by a majority religion merely because it is a practice prohibited by a majority religion violates the first amendment A law that punishes anti-legislature or a. Board of Education, 330 U. The fine added up to 1. Examples of meetings that are protected under the freedom of assembly include hosting a party, going to church, militia meetings, political party conventions, protests, public meetings,.

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